Deben DiagnosticsLtd

Raka-Ray Agar Base, 500gm

Selective medium to isolate lactic acid bacteria in beer and beer fermentation processes.


Rappaport Soy Broth, 500gm

Enrichment medium for Salmonella from meats, dairy product, feces and sewage polluted water  


Reinforced Clostridial Agar, 500gm

For the cultivation and enumeration of Clostridium and other anerobic micro organisims


Rogosa SL Agar, 500gm

Selective medium for the cultivation of Lactobacilli in medical and food microbiology


Rogosa SL Broth, 500gm

Selective medium to cultivate Lactobacilli in medical and food microbiology


Rose Bengal Agar + Chloramphenicol, 500gm

For the culture and selective isolation of yeaast and molds


Rothe Broth, 500gm

For the quantative determination of fecal Streptococci











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